Value Added Services

International Synergies, LLC provides customers with value-added solutions to their service requirements. ISL provides its customers with value-added solutions to ensure their operations operate efficiently and cost-effectively. isl takes pride in working hard to provide value-added services to our customers and we are willing to tailor a program that suits your specific needs. The main services that we provide to our customers include: 


We are dedicated to providing quality products to our customers and guarantee the quality of the parts that we supply. 

Full Program Management

We provide full program management services from inital product development and design to final delivery. we take pride in our full program management services and the value this provides to our customers.


We are able to consolidate shipments from overseas in order to maintain lower costs and provide improved scheduling. 

Customs Clearance

We are experienced in dealing with customs issues for goods and can clear shipments at a number of locations throughout the United States. 


We currently utilize seperate warehouses (Houston and Philadelphia) in addition to our main warehouse facility in Detroit. These facilities allow us to stock parts for just-in-time shipments when and where required. 

Payment Terms

We offer a variety of payment terms to suit the requirements of our customers.